Graphic Design

Graphic design is an integral part of all visual communication and provides a visual element to your messages. The aim of graphic design is to support the interpretation of contents and messages. Our graphic design provides added value, attracts attention and creates enthusiasm. We focus on encapsulating the core of your message, highlighting insightful ideas and following a clear vision. We shape our ideas in fresh and interesting ways.

Exhibition Design

Environments provide concrete, physical messages for all the senses. Our exhibition design is steered by functional and communicative objectives. We focus on visionary ideation, controlled colour schemes and design languages, the rhythm and dramaturgy of exhibitions and stylish structural solutions. Our goal is to create a compelling, informative and experiential exhibition experience.

Our way to work


Marketing design

Communications expertise is a success factor. Marketing communications highlight the visual aspect. After all, over 90% of the sensory information we receive in urban environments is visual. We have designed regional, training, cultural, project and event advertising as part of our customers’ marketing communications. Our expertise is focused on concept ideation, including text contents and visual design for campaigns.

Visual identity design

An image is an idea that consists of information, experiences, observations, attitudes, beliefs, biases and feelings. A consistent appearance is an effective way of building an image. When designing visual identity, we utilise numerous different strategies that range from focusing on specific symbols to using a completely free design language. Our goal is to create a clear and unique appearance that provides additional aesthetic and experiential value.